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    The Future of Radiology in Emerging Markets

    Posted by Colin Christie on November 21, 2016

    Two issues handicap thousands of hospitals and clinics in emerging markets: the shortage of radiologists and the scarcity of technology that better utilizes existing radiologists.

    Facilities in far-flung areas feel the strain: radiologists who can travel to these locations can only visit once or twice a week to accommodate the overall demand for their services. Without the speed and flexibility that emergency treatments require, medical conditions worsen and fatality rates climb. In Southeast Asia, the great majority of hospitals still use outdated imaging systems, and due to cost and complexity, have yet to adopt PACS systems. 

    In light of these challenges, Lifetrack introduces LifeSysTM Ultra Premium RIS/PACS featuring patented RadNavTM technology - one that is designed to make the most sustainable social impact in the places that need radiologists the most. It isn’t just technology for technology’s sake. It expands radiologists’ reach, without them ever leaving their clinics or cities. It is a tool for medical efficiency and accuracy, and a platform for capacity-building. It thereby, redefines everything a radiology system can do, for the greatest number of people.

     This is an excerpt from Lifetrack Medical Systems’ white paper, “Improving Access to High Quality Radiology in Emerging Markets.” To view the full report, please click on this link.


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