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    New Feature: DICOM forwarding from worklist.

    Posted by Colin Christie on December 12, 2016

    Typically in legacy systems, the PACS admin function is hidden deep in some "Admin" page tree - or even requires a command line request.  In the Lifesys™  software,  everything is completely configurable and new features can be easily surfaced to any required user, with access directly from the worklist page.  This is true for the new feature below.

    Lifesys™ RIS/PACS now provides several DICOM and RIS forwarding features that can be triggered via the worklist or one off events.  

    • Anonymize on send
    • Include RIS study record
    • Forward new studies 
    • Forward new and current worklist
    • Forward current worklist
    • Forwarding can be done via configurable destination server list. 
    • Forward immediately 
    • Interval forwarding (Studies will be forwarded every "x" minutes.)
    • Daily forwarding (Studies will be forwarded once per day at the specified time)
    • Forward selected (Checked studies on the worklist will be forwarded immediately)

    Lifetrack Medical Systems  provides the first and only available 4th Generation RIS/PACS called Lifesys™.  This unique browser-based platform for distributed radiology features patented RadNav™ technology offering a unique ‘radiologists guidance system’ through its integrated Viewer, Active Templates and Decision Support Library, and a patent-pending Advance Permission Engine™ for true enterprise scalability.  

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