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    Reducing RIS/PACS Total Cost of Ownership

    Posted by Colin Christie on November 14, 2016

    In emerging markets, the ability to move to a full digital imaging department has been held back by the high cost of digital equipment and PACS systems.. Over the last five (5) years however, the cost of film has risen, and the cost of digital equipment has significantly decreased. Recently, the cost of PACS systems has also somewhat declined as existing legacy 2nd Generation PACS vendors have begun selling in emerging markets after having saturated their existing home markets.

    Unfortunately, these systems were engineered for developed markets and rely on having well-trained PACS administrators and highly-technical IT support services. Additionally, 2nd generation systems are complicated to install and use since they are standalone applications with proprietary application and specific user interface design.

    LifeSysTM Ultra Premium RIS/PACS was specifically designed to address all of these issues so that imaging departments in emerging markets could take advantage of the enormous cost savings offered by moving to a full digital department while also simplifying the installation and training required to become a full digital department.


    RIS (Radiology Information System) PACS

    This is an excerpt from Lifetrack Medical Systems’ white paper, “Reducing RIS/PACS Total Cost of Ownership in Emerging Markets.” To view the full report, please click on this link.