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    4th Generation RIS/PACS to Empower Emerging Markets

    Posted by Colin Christie on November 9, 2016

    In 2016, Lifetrack announced and released LifeSysTM Ultra Premium RIS/PACS, the first 4th generation system designed to truly empower deployment of affordable, efficient, and high-quality distributed radiology in emerging markets.

    Building on the 3rd generation LifeSysTM version 1.7, the new LifeSysTM Ultra Premium introduced a patent-pending Advanced Permissions EngineTM, a solution that is truly scalable to multiple sites and thousands of users.

    With unparalleled granularity in configuring workflow, user features, languages, and the ability to be rapidly deployed over standard low bandwidth internet connections, LifeSysTM Ultra Premium is an international enterprise scale RIS/PACS that empowers hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics in all emerging markets to leapfrog earlier generations and participate in digital radiology to the ultimate benefit of local patient populations.


    4th Generation RIS (Radiology Information System) PACS

    This is an excerpt from Lifetrack Medical Systems’ white paper, “Introducing the First 4th Generation RIS/PACS - LifeSysTM Ultra Premium.” To view the full report, please click on this link.


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